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Simone Mims

Bar Manager, Palette

Simone Mims originally hailing from New York City, she derives her inspiration from multicultural flavors and seasonal change. New York offers the essence of all the world, however, the rich Caribbean influence in the Bronx has always been a driving force in her work ethic and use of flavor.  

After moving to San Francisco, she found the constant bounty of seasonal fruit and vegetables to be a great base for restaurant cocktails.  Being a great lover of food, she would go to farmer’s markets every week with Chef friends to emulate the complex combination she found in her favorite dishes.  Through various competitions like Espolon Bar Fight and Punch Kings, she has learned to combine some off the wall ingredients. For a restaurant, it is important to use a bit of restraint and finesse. Simone’s general motto: “A bar program must include something for everyone.  It must have interesting components while keeping the focus on making it approachable for guests.”

In San Francisco, Simone has set out to work with the best the industry has to offer, bartending and serving at Delarosa, Prospect and Alexander’s Steakhouse.  She then went on to run beverage programs at The Hotel Vitale and Foreign Cinema. Using everything she has learned from living on both coasts, combined with the wonderful restaurants and bars she has had the opportunity to work for and her own personal work ethic, Simone strives to make beverage programs that are focused, memorable and hospitable. Simone is currently the Bar Director at Palette at 155 12th Street in San Francisco.

Accomplishments and Accolades 

2018 Saucey Award winner for Beverage Professional of the Year

Winner of H by Hine Cocktail competion

San Francisco Chronicle 2018 Bay Area Bar Stars

Winner of San Francisco Punch Kings for Cochon 555

Board of Directors for the Bay Area United States Bartender's Guild.

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