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Know Your Bartenders: Michael Dziedzic

Photo for: Know Your Bartenders: Michael Dziedzic

28/03/2024 Meet Michael Dziedzic, a father of four who enjoys golf and wears suits. He adds flair to the bartending at Pescadero Seafood & Oyster Bar. His love of mixed drinks and building relationships with guests drives him to craft unique experiences.

Introducing Michael Dziedzic, a father of four who enjoys golf, has tattoos, wears suits, and adds his own touch to the bartending at Pescadero Seafood & Oyster Bar. Michael's journey into bartending was motivated by his love of the nightlife and his ability to create unique experiences. The hustle of the bar scene and late hours drew him in. His emphasis on being knowledgeable about cocktails, paying attention to customers, and providing excellent service is indicative of his passion for his art. In this exclusive interview, Michael discusses his favorite cocktail trends, how he chooses spirits, and the pleasures of interacting with both new and returning guests. Read the whole interview below to learn more about Michael's experiences, favorite alcoholic beverages, and special memories spent working behind the bar.

Where do you work?

Pescadero Seafood and Oyster Bar

Tell us something about yourself.

I'm a tattooed, suit-wearing, golf-loving dad of four kids.

What inspired you to get into bartending?

An ex-girlfriend is bringing home the bacon. Also, I'm a night owl.

What are some of the most important skills for a bartender to have?

Know what you are serving. Listen to your guest. Being social. Always try to provide the best service.

What do you look for when you plan to buy spirits for your bar?

Gaps in the list. If it will work in a cocktail. Cost.

What support programs work best for you from suppliers?

I'm more of a rapport type of guy.  I like to create good relationships, so the reps know what I am looking for and how we can make deals.

What cocktail and drink trends do you see in 2024?

Kitchen ingredient cocktails.


What's the best part of your job? 

The guests.  I enjoy meeting new people and establishing new regulars, as well as, seeing familiar faces.

What are your favorite TV shows right now? Or is it your favorite movie?

Slow Horses, Mayor of Kingstown, The Old Man

If you had to pick one spirit as your personal best, which would it be and why?

Bourbon.  There are so many different flavor profiles, and most are delicious. 

Any tips for bartenders on how to upsell or cross-sell?

Knowledge of what you have behind your bar and listening to guests. 

What is an experience or a customer story you thought was funny and that you remember?

There was a guy at the bar, who was talking to his friends about a fight he got into at a bar on Halloween over a girl he doesn't even know anymore.  I asked what his costume was, thinking how ridiculous this would be.  It turns out he had the best costume for the brawl.  A teenage mutant ninja turtle. Hilarious.

Define a good bartender according to you.

A person who is attentive and knowledgeable. Someone who can read the room and make it a welcoming place where people can relax, socialize, and meet new people.

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