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Bartender Spirits Awards
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Bartender Definition

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02/01/2019 /ˈbɑːtɛndə/ Noun (singular); Plural: "Bartenders"; A person who serves or mixes alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and tends to a bar or pub.

Well, that is the dictionary definition, however, there just aren’t enough words to conclusively and accurately define a Bartender. Simply speaking, a bartender is a person tending the bar, but if you knew about the whole wide range of tasks and responsibilities that come along with the profession, you would find that this definition is actually incomplete.

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Well, first of all, a bartender has to gain expertise in preparing a variety of alcoholic as well as non-alcoholic drinks quickly. This skill is, of course, the most important. A proper melange of speed and accuracy in the preparation of drinks helps in satisfying the customers and managing the bar efficiently, especially during rush hours.

Hence, a Bartender is also a Manager.


Any working bartender can tell you about this. Bartenders are generally natural conversationalists, and if not, then they learn to become one because of the sheer number of customers who like to get chatty after a drink. Bartenders possess this skill of being able to talk about any topic in the world with great ease.

Hence, a Bartender is also a Conversationalist.


It is extremely important to know the measurements and recipes for different drinks and the right amounts for mixing. Apart from this, a bartender also takes care that their customer does not over-drink, over-drinking could lead to trouble. All of this to take care of while maintaining tabs for each customer, but thanks to technology, they have computers for that.

Hence, a Bartender is also an Approximator.


Special care is taken to avoid spillage; however, this is not an uncommon sight in any bar. A bartender always keeps the counter clean and tidy.

Hence, a Bartender is also a Caretaker.


Doing so much all at once definitely qualifies bartenders as multi-taskers, efficiently managing their time to perform all their duties while satisfying the clientele.

Hence, a Bartender is also a Multi-tasker.

This does not comprise all their duties and there is much more that a bartender does and is. And with the rising competition and talent in this industry, the definition of a Bartender is most likely to keep growing, in proportion with the range of duties they perform behind the bar.

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