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Reach 20,000+ Bartenders and Bar Directors of the US Market.

Photo for: Reach 20,000+ Bartenders and Bar Directors of the US Market.

01/09/2020 Top 100 winners at BSA will be featured on Bartenders Business.

Bartender Spirits Awards— the only spirit competition that focuses on the trade requirements of the on-premise establishments such as restaurants, hotels, clubs and bars. Judged by a panel of leading bartenders, bar managers and off-premise managers for the on-premise industry, this competition rewards the best spirits out there.

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Being a winner of Bartender Spirits Awards carries a number of significant benefits. The major advantage here is to be included in

What is Bartender Business?

Bartenders Business is an online magazine which is accessed by leading bartenders worldwide. It offers premium content specifically customized to the needs of the world’s top bartenders and other restaurant industry professionals. The premium content on Bartender Business includes insider tips, winners of Bartender Spirits Awards, expert knowledge and unique insights that simply cannot be found anywhere else. It also includes business-oriented articles with advice that can be applied to the everyday functioning of a restaurant, bar or other on-premise establishments.

As bartenders continue to expand their role within the spirits industry, there is a direct need for a media publication that understands their needs and delivers the type of information and content that simply cannot be found anywhere else. Whether it is a podcast series, a sit-down Q&A with an up-coming bartender star or important business events or trends, this publication has got you covered.

The other benefits of being a BSA winner

1. Get recognized across the spirits industry by raising the profile of your spirit
2. BSA is the only platform which lets you reach a large group of influential trade professional
3. Boost your sales in the important US spirit market
4. Promote your awards in key international markets
5. Increase awareness of your brand in the media via editorial and press coverage for award-winning spirits
6. Prominent listing on the BSA website.
7. Strong social media marketing support.
8. Special promotional logos and stickers for spirit bottles

These benefits are exclusively for the winners of the Bartender Spirits Awards, so what are you waiting for? Get your spirits in front of the best bartenders of the US.