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Why a spirit brand needs to be on the top shelf of LA's cocktail bars

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19/04/2023 The Impact of Top Shelf Placement: Elevating Spirit Brands in LA's Cocktail Bars.

A city known for its famous nightlife, LA’s cocktail bars offers you a unique and unforgettable experience. Whether you're a local or a visitor, stepping into an LA cocktail bar is like entering a world of sophistication and style. With impressive spirit selections and expertly crafted cocktails, these bars surely attract a diverse crowd. 

As you enter the bar have you ever wondered why some of the spirit brands are placed on the top shelf, while others are relegated to the lower shelves? The answer is simple: being on the top shelf of LA's cocktail bars can have a significant impact on a spirit brand's success. 


Let us take you through a few reasons why it is important to have your brand placed on the top shelf of LA’s cocktail bars: 

1) Brand Association: 

When a brand is featured on the top shelf of a cocktail bar, it becomes associated with the overall aesthetic and vibe of the bar. If a bar is known for being upscale and sophisticated, then having your brand placed on the top shelf can reinforce that image and make your brand more appealing to customers. The association also helps in elevating your status and making it desirable in the eyes of the customers. 

Brand Association

Image Source: Dine with Drinks

2) Brand Recognition: 

A brand placed on the top shelf of some of the top LA cocktail bars becomes highly visible to the customers and bartenders. It becomes easier for customers to identify your brand within all the brands placed and help increase brand awareness. A good point to remember is that a brand out of sight will also likely be out of mind! 

3) Perceived Value: 

The top shelf is often reserved for premium, high-quality spirits. Placing your brand there can convey the impression that the brand is of superior quality and prestige compared to other brands on lower shelves. Customers may also assume that the brands on the top shelf are the best and most premium options available which will in turn help you to get established as a top player in the industry.

4) Bartender Recommendations: 

Bartenders play a crucial role in elevating a brand in a bar, and their influence on customer decisions should not be underestimated. They are gatekeepers to a bar's spirits selection. If a brand is on the top shelf, bartenders may be more likely to recommend it to customers, which can help to increase sales and build brand loyalty. In many cases, bartenders will also use top-shelf brands in their signature cocktails which can increase customers’ interest in your brand. 

Los Angeles cocktail bars

Image Source: Shutterstock

Being on the top shelf of LA's cocktail bars can be a game-changer for your spirit brand. Leveraging these factors can help you turn the story around, strengthen your brand’s position in the industry by helping build brand awareness, increase sales, and establish your brand as a top player in the industry! 

Header Image Source: Discover Los Angeles

Written by Oindrila Majumdar, Beverage Trade Network

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