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“Taste Of Texas - Wild Horse Distillery”

Photo for: “Taste Of Texas - Wild Horse Distillery”

20/12/2019 Best Distillery from the 17th-century source the raw material within 100 miles of radius - Wild Horse Distillery.

Wild Horse Distillery aims to the vision of forefathers to use unique resources and create a distinctive world-class product. Wild Horse Distillery perfected the use of local ingredients and flavouring and crafts our product in single batch stills. Wild Horse Distillery has perfected the use of local ingredient and flavouring and crafts our product in single batch stills. As they say “Because after you tame the land, feed and fuel the country, it is time for a drink”

Wild Horse Distillery – 100% locally sourced ingredients. Born in wild horse desert and fuelled by the Goliad sands aquifer inspired by freedom.

Wild Horse Distillery is rich with agriculture production; we mostly source all resource under 100 miles radius for our distillery. Wild Horse Distillery only uses water as a source to distil every batch of rum.

Wild Horse Distillery is located in 69 states world-wide. To more click here.


Lisa Bynum

Wild Horse Distillery is a family-owned company. Lisa and Jacob Bynum own this company being (husband and wife) along with them James warren. Lisa and Jacob have done masters through their experience in understanding the consumer product industry, while James is a master distillery. James had a passion for distillation and knows the consumer taste.

Jacob Bynum

Jacob, it is important to use Texas-sourced ingredients and provide an ingredient-to-glass Texas product experience to our consumers, extensive experimentation and exquisite taste profiles set our spirits apart.

Master Distiller - James Warren 

James Warren has done hundreds of experiments and played with various techniques to develop the spirit. James has experienced a variety of profession, including being a teacher, coach, construction and finally he found his actual passion and desire to work with the family for business. He had the first vision to start their own distillery and shared the concept of that with his sister and brother-in-law. James has a wide experience in knowing the taste of consumers with beneficial to the distillery.


Rum can be made up of various ingredients. The main raw ingredient is Sugarcane. Rum very much lies in place and time namely the Caribbean of the 17th century. The key grape variety grows in Texas despite the warm weather condition. The grape includes Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Chenin Blanc and Sauvignon Blanc. The cane juice rums are mostly Brazilian rums.

1. Wild Horse Distillery Texas Rum

The taste of Wild Horse Distillery Texas Rum is like over-aged whisky subtle sweet taste with vanilla and caramel essence in it. Wild Horse Distillery Texas Rum can

2. Wild Horse Distillery Texas Gold Rum

The taste of Wild Horse Distillery Texas Gold Rum is sweet rum with beautiful bold American Whiskey notes blended with creamy honey.

3. Wild Horse Distillery Rum

The taste of Wild Horse Distillery Rum is smooth and creamy with pleasing sugarcane aromas accented by hints of vanilla and molasses.

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