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Graybeard Distillery From The USA Grabs A Silver Medal For Its Vodka

Photo for: Graybeard Distillery From The USA Grabs A Silver Medal For Its Vodka

08/07/2020 Bedlam Vodka by Graybeard Distillery won a silver medal at the 2019 Bartender Spirits Awards

Graybeard Distillery’s Bedlam Vodka from the United States grabbed a Silver at the 2019 Bartender Spirits Awards held in San Francisco, USA.

So the story of Bedlam Vodka started over 170 years ago in an Irish rural area called bedlam when ancestors of one of the founders were able to turn hardship into heaven amidst the Great Famine. They used to import rice available from France & by applying the traditional Irish distilling acumen refined over 7 centuries, the founders created a little Bedlam in their native land.

Everything about Bedlam Vodka is directed towards creating disruption in the spirits industry. From its unique grain & flavor - to its superbly crafted bottle & the very famous ‘Double Headed Raven’ logo.

Bedlam Vodka

Bedlam Vodka is a clear, unaged spirit, light on the nose, and complex on the palate. It was traditionally distilled just for family, for weddings, for trade and barter. Then in the late 1800s, it was brought to the shores of America when the family immigrated & distilled again in response to prohibition & Great depression. And like many things are done as an act of rebellion, it passed into the family history as a story told from generation to generation.

Made from long-grain white rice sourced from Arkansas & Louisiana, Bedlam Vodka is naturally Gluten-free & always made grain-to-glass in our distillery in North Carolina. The team utilizes the most advanced distilling technology to blend the ancient with the current edge & produce a vodka that is unlike any you have ever had.

Bedlam Vodka is flavourful, smooth, and completely lacking in the antiseptic burn that you have been forced to suffer through from vodkas before. It is a vodka that you can match with your favorite mixer, or simply enjoy on its own.

To evaluate the entrants, the Bartender Spirits Awards invites a leading panel of top-level experts only; the experts who are involved in direct commercial buying activities for selling spirits to the consumers. They are the professional spirits buyer who selects spirits every day to go on the shelves of the restaurants, hotels, supermarkets, and spirits stores. 

Bartender Spirits Awards, organized by the Beverage Trade Network, is focused on the needs of the U.S. on-premise establishments such as bars, restaurants and clubs and is the only competition of its kind that is judged solely by bartenders, bar managers, bar owners and other professionals within the industry.

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