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Meet the Winners of 2023 Bartender Spirits Awards

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Coors Whiskey Co.

United States

The inspiration that would lead to the launch of Coors Whiskey Co. began over 20 years ago during a brief conversation with my father as we drove into the Golden Valley where the Coors brewery sits. Having personally enjoyed whiskey and seeing a clear link between brewing and distilling (as whiskey production starts with a brewer’s beer), I asked my dad, “Why don’t we make whiskey?”, to which he replied without taking his eyes off the road, “Because we’re good at one thing, and that’s beer.” Now you might think that response would be the end of the story, but as much as I love beer and always will, I’ve had a long-standing passion for whiskey, whether it’s link to beer production, or the unlimited number of variables along the process providing an endless learning curve.