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Mv Group Production


The alcoholic beverage manufacturer AB MV GROUP Production owns four long-established factories that nurture Lithuanian beverage making traditions and produce and bottle approximately 35 million litres of beverages per year: -Stumbras is one of the largest producers of spirits in the Baltic States and has been in operation since 1906. The factory specialises in the production of various types of vodka, aged vodka, liqueur and brandy, and gives special attention to naturalness and expertise. -Alita is considered the first producer of sparkling wine and brandy in Lithuania. The factory specialises in high quality natural fermentation sparkling grape wines, brandy, bottled cocktails and aged vodka. -Anykščių Vynas is one of the oldest niche producers in the eastern Baltic region involved in production from natural raw materials, fruits and berries. Its product range includes natural Lithuanian fruit and berry wines, cider, juice and other drinks. -Gubernija is the oldest brewery in Lithuania, with more than 350 years of experience under its belt. The factory specialises in beer, kvass and other drinks.