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Daylight Wine & Spirits

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Since 2013, Andy Wahl and Bill Kerr, co-founders of Daylight Wine & Spirits, have focused on producing world class wines and spirits that resonate with real people. From day one, the Daylight team committed to a singular phrase, "Excellence Over Everything". Nearly a decade later, not only has that commitment taken shape, but it continues to drive every element of the company - from grape to glass, barrel to bottle. Daylight's brands all share a common thread, each challenging industry conventions and focusing squarely on crafting world-class products for passionate consumers, not critics. 

After 6 years of crafting some of the finest wines around, Daylight Wine and Spirits had the idea of putting the used wine barrels to use in finishing whiskies distilled in Kentucky. After 3 years and countless blends and trials, our team created two truly unique whiskies of the quality that customers expect when they pour a Daylight product. 

No matter the category, our focus is always on delivering Excellence Over Everything.