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House of Veritasi ®

United States

Founded in 2017, House of Veritasi ® is a design house and an American Independent Bottler in the legacy of arguably the most traditional bottlers of Scotch whisky. Harking back to the days when whisky was sold to grocers and merchants before distilleries bottled their stocks, we acquire stocks of spirits from around the world in casks to be aged and bottled.

Unbridled by brand guidelines or requirements to adhere to a distillery’s signature characteristics, we can bring you special styles of spirits that do not follow what you would conventionally expect from the distilleries that produce them. We’re not for everyone but our principles are simple: Make/bottle what we want to drink. Be transparent about what’s in that bottle. Never filter.

Federally licensed Distilled Spirits Plant, Importer, Wholesaler, Winery & Brewery.