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Launched in 2015 by Alexandre Sirech (former C E O of HAVANA CLUB) and Jean Moueix (owner of
PETRUS), LES BIENHEUREUX company revolutionized the spirits market by innovating through excellence
In practical terms, this means that its research and development team works with black glasses and only
finalizes a product when it stands above its best competitors in a blind tasting. This uncompromising method made BELLEVOYE the leader in French whiskies and EL PASADOR DE ORO the most awarded rum LES BIENHEUREUX became the fastest growing European spirits company. Encouraged by this initial success, the company now invests 10 of its turnover in research and development to keep its momentum going 86 average annual growth rate over the 5 past years). The company produces its brands in its own facilities in Cognac (France) and Central America.