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Mi Campo Tequila

United States

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From the heart of Jalisco, Mi Campo is a tequila that blends Mexican heritage and contemporary ideas to deliver an exceptionally smooth taste. “Mi Campo” translates to “my field,” it represents the tequila makers who are proud of their craft, their city, and the stamp they are leaving on their community. Mi Campo’s premium tequilas come from 7-year matured 100% Blue Weber Agave, rested in the same French oak barrels used for aging wines in the Napa Valley. The tequilas are inspired by the reinvention of México City and celebrates the energy of young innovators in every field: the arts, design, craftsmanship, and mixology—to create a finished product the modern-day drinker would be proud to both own and consume. The bold and vibrant brand logo was designed by visual artist and illustrator, Raul Urias, who resides in Mexico City. Urias combines a tribute to Mexican culture and a nod toward the original Tequila Mi Campo production process to create the striking design.