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Nebula9 Spirits, LLC.

United States

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Nebula9 Vodka is a growing Black-owned spirits brand out of Portland, OR. created and
founded by Keith Davis. Nebula9 Vodka was designed & created specifically as an
artisanal vodka within the luxury distilled spirits marketplace. Nebula9 represents a
unique direction in a healthier alternative in the craft spirits category.
We currently offer six unique hybrid flavors of vodka
(750mLs) and four Ready to Drink Cocktails (355mls) using high quality ingredients that make our product distinctive in taste and value. Our vodka is produced from potatoes, distilled 4 times, ultra-filtered, and the first in the world to be infused with Organic Apple Cider Vinegar to increase its appeal to health conscious consumers. The infusion of Apple Cider Vinegar is a game changer for the way the alcohol is metabolized in your liver. It allows your body to process the alcohol faster which helps to minimize the next-day recovery.
Lastly, it is sweetened with a blend of Organic Agave and Stevia Leaf Extract, which make it a great low-calorie option, with zero added sugar and no bitter aftertaste.