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5 Tips To Drive Your Alcohol-To-Go Sales

Photo for: 5 Tips To Drive Your Alcohol-To-Go Sales

07/05/2020 With the pandemic in hand, to-go is one way to gain income right now. Here are 5 tips on how you can drive your alcohol to-go sales.

With the current situation in hand right now, for most brands, distilleries, restaurants, bars, and bottle shops, delivery and to-go sales are proving to be the most beneficial. People are still drinking, whether they’re sad, happy, shut in the house, or going around and about - so the demand for alcohol hasn’t gone down at all. In fact, according to the Health University of Utah, the alcohol consumption across the US has gone up by 55% during the pandemic.

Right now, with all on-premise establishments closed, to-go sales should be your best friend. It’s alright if you’re not making deliveries because we’re sure that logistically and man-power wise, things might be tough right now. However, what you can bank on is your pick-up sales. Like we said, people are still drinking, and they’re more than eager to drive down and grab their alcohol packages as long as it’s safe for them.

So, right now your mind should be on one thing, and one thing only “how can I increase my alcohol to-go sales?”.

Here are 5 tips that will help drive your alcohol-to-go sales.

1. Go full-throttle on social media

If people don’t know about your to-go services, then how are your spirits going to sell? What you need to do is let people know what you’re offering, and right now, you need to make social media your best friend. Social media has practically become the way of life for most people, and whenever they are looking to try something new, their social feeds is the first place they’ll check.

So, what you need to do right now is start being more active on social media.

● Tell your audience that you’re offering pick-up for alcohol.

● Show them the different products you’re offering.

● Show them that you are following safety protocols and it’s a contactless pick-up.

● Keep posting frequently and make sure people see you.

● DM customers across your social platforms. You can even drop in a discount or two for them if they order from you.

When people start seeing you and the services you offer, you will build credibility, which in turn will increase your to-go sales.

2. Use effective signage along your establishment

Imagine this, you’re driving down a street and see a sign that says “$100 for 6 bottles of vodka right here”. Now, as someone who is stocking up their homes with liquor, this will definitely attract you towards the particular establishment won’t it? That’s exactly what you need to do.

Create effective signage that will attract customers towards you. Here’s how you can do so:

● Make sure your signage is big and bold for people to read from a distance.

● Make sure it’s attractive and represents your brand in ways people can recognize it as soon as they see it.

● Write messages that resonate with customers. Eg. “$100 for 6 bottles of vodka right here”, “Contactless alcohol pick-up right here”.

3. Register for web directories where customers will be able to find you

Like we’ve established, the internet is a great place, especially during this time. Customers looking for services are definitely going to go on the internet and look for this. When they do this, they’ll be searching through different directories that can tell them who is offering pick-up, who is delivering, and more. So, spend some time and register for web directories such as Get Drinks Delivered, Total Wine, Mission Liquor, and others. There are a plethora of websites that can help you out with that.

Let’s take Get Drinks Delivered for example. Get Drinks Delivered is an online platform that helps consumers discover wineries that are delivering and offering pick-up. So if you’re delivering, or offering pick-up, then you can sign up and increase your visibility and awareness to consumers. Consumers who are looking for alcohol to-go will look it up on Get Drinks Delivered, and if you’re listed on it, you’re bound to get orders. The platform is not a backend solution or a liquor club. It’s purely sales and order. So for example, if a customer wants to purchase your vodka, they don’t have to go through the website or place the order on there. Instead, they can directly call you or place an order through your website.

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Sign up for Get Drinks Delivered

4. Partner with local businesses

Let’s throw it back a little over here. To increase your to-go sales, what you can do is partner with local businesses in your area and see if they’ll hang up your leaflets and brochures. Make sure your brochures and leaflets are simple, and straightforward. Keep them bold, bright, put down your offers, and your number and website. This will help increase your visibility in front of customers, especially those in essential stores - which in turn will help your to-go sales.

5. Give benefits

Always remember - people buy benefits. If you offer your customers something extra, then they’re bound to buy more from you. So what you can do is offer different benefits like:

● Throw in cocktail recipes for those who are using your to-go service

● Offer a free drink or a sample drink along with the order

● Offer a free drink in-house when things open up once again

● Offer a distillery tour

See what you can do and afford with your current state, and turn them into benefits for your customers.

It’s hard right now, but implementing these tips will help in upping your game, and you will be able to increase your alcohol to-go sales.