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Looking For Some Ideas To Convey Your Safety Message?

Photo for: Looking For Some Ideas To Convey Your Safety Message?

23/04/2020 Here are a few ways in which you can communicate to your audience that your distillery takes safety seriously.

Business is not easy nowadays. With the lockdowns and shut downs of many on-premise establishments and people avoiding going out of their homes, the footfall at every business has diminished. Luckily, spirits and alcohol drinks are a type of product that is still in great demand and can also be easily delivered.

What will people do at home? Watch Netflix and drink! For the most part.

But you, as a distillery or spirits brand owner who is still operating by delivering alcohol beverages to your customers yourself or through other platforms such as Amazon or , have a responsibility to let your customers know that you're maintaining hygiene and taking all necessary precautions while handling the product.

To get your message across, you might need to add a copy to your website or get it printed on your cards or signages. Or you need to send out an email campaign to make your customers aware.

So here are a few copywriting ideas suggested by our editors for you. On how you can get the most important message out in the most impactful manner to your customers, regardless of how you're sending it across (email or print or social media captions). 

1. Examples of safety:

In your email copy or captions you can mention the safety precautions that you've taken. For example contactless delivery mechanism, sanitization checkpoints. Be as transparent as possible.

Our delivery drivers and couriers will leave wine in a pre-agreed safe place so our customers don’t have to come into contact with them

2. Involve your customers in the process:

What do you need from the buyer to ensure that the necessary precautions are implemented? Do they have any special delivery instructions? Do you have any extra requirements? It's best to be crystal clear about the whole process.

We can ensure that the delivery is “contact-free” – just add a note to the delivery instructions or let our customer service team know: the driver will leave your order in a safe place

3. Display Awareness: 

You are a business and every business has more responsibility than any individual. So it's your job to increase awareness as well as to display it. Your customers need to know that you know what you're doing and you're taking the correct approach to ensure their safety and well-being. And give them details. For example, consider the below lines you could include in your next copy.

Our drivers are acutely aware of the need to maintain distance on delivery, and the advice we have currently suggests that the Corona-virus is not easily transmitted on the cases. The drivers will be wearing fresh disposable gloves for each drop.

4. Show Enthusiasm:

Most people are unhappy being locked inside all day long for so many days. They're probably feeling dull and are low on morale. So you could show enthusiasm about the idea of delivering sme wine right at their doorstep in the safest way possible. You could cheer them up by posting some humor on your social media content as well. Be optimistic and share some hope with your audience. Show them that you're there for them.

Our drivers are happy to deliver to the front door for those self-isolating.

5. Show Your Audience How You're Going The Extra Mile:

Talk about what extra you're doing in taking care of servicing your customers. The elderly are more vulnerable to the disease and you're doing priority deliveries to the elderly. So talk about it and let your audience know that you're there for them.

We are also prioritising delivery to elderly or vulnerable customers, and offering contactless delivery throughout