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Top 100 winners at BSA will be included in the Top 100 spirits list

Photo for: Top 100 winners at BSA will be included in the Top 100 spirits list

01/09/2020 Reach 20,000+ Bartenders and Bar Directors of the US Market.

Bartender Spirits Awards— the only spirit competition that focuses on the trade requirements of the on-premise establishments such as restaurants, hotels, clubs, and bars. Judged by a panel of leading bartenders, bar managers and off-premise managers for the on-premise industry, this competition rewards the best spirits out there.

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Being a winner of Bartender Spirits Awards carries a number of significant benefits. The major advantage here is to be featured in the Top 100 Spirits list.

What is Top 100 Spirits?

top 100 spirits 2020

Top 100 spirits celebrates and promotes the 100 top spirits at the Bartender Spirits Awards. The spirits are selected by votes made by top Bartenders and On-Premise spirits buyers of USA and can be used as a practical tool to bridge the gaps in your existing spirits portfolio and to boost on-premise spirits sales.

The other benefits of being a BSA winner

1. Get recognized across the spirits industry by raising the profile of your spirit
2. BSA is the only platform which lets you reach a large group of influential trade professionals
3. Boost your sales in the important US spirit market
4. Promote your awards in key international markets
5. Increase awareness of your brand in the media via editorial and press coverage for award-winning spirits
6. Prominent listing on the BSA website.
7. Strong social media marketing support.
8. Special promotional logos and stickers for spirit bottles

These benefits are exclusively for the winners of the Bartender Spirits Awards, so what are you waiting for? Get your spirits in front of the best bartenders of the US.