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Lyng Norwegian Botanical Gin Wins Spirit of the Year Award

Photo for: Lyng Norwegian Botanical Gin Wins Spirit of the Year Award

07/06/2022 The results for the 2022 Bartender Spirits Awards are out and we are delighted to announce that “Spirit of the Year” is awarded to Lyng Norwegian Botanical Gin.

Norway’s Lyng Norwegian Botanical Gin grabs a Double Gold, Best Spirit of the Year, Spirit of the Year by Package, Gin of the Year, and Gin producer of the Year Award at the 2022 Bartender Spirits Awards, held on May 15 in San Francisco, USA. 

Lyng Norwegian Botanical Gin is an award-winning gin and a nod to the great outdoors. Lyng contains the most Norwegian botanicals than any other gin. This Norwegian gin is inspired by the heather, a beautiful and tenacious shrub that thrives in the mountains and brightens up nature every autumn. To make the ultimate taste of wild and pure nature, 33 herbs, spices, and flowers are employed. heather, horseshoe, elderflower, birch leaves, roseroot, watercress, and some other plants were picked while walking in the highlands and forests. Fresh Norwegian junipers are included too. Perfect for cocktails and a Gin & Tonic. It is sophisticated and complex.

Spirit of the year, Lyng Norwegian Botanical Gin by Det Norske Brenneri (Norwegian Distillery Corp.)

Spirit of the year, Lyng Norwegian Botanical Gin by Det Norske Brenneri (Norwegian Distillery Corp.)

Det Norske Brenneri AS is Norway's second-largest distiller of spirits. The production and barrel warehouse of Det Norske Brenneri is located in Grimstad, Sørlandet. Grimstad has a long tradition of producing liqueur wines under the Fuhr brand, dating back to the 1880s. The distillery's craft culture and long traditions are highlighted by the corporation. 

Det Norske Brenneri's story begins in 2011. Odd Johan Nelvik, the previous editor-in-chief of Se og Hør, and investor Kjetil Holta founded a company to create aquavit at the time, and it was a huge success. They take pride in the fact that they were the ones who broke the monopoly. 

The aquavits Arvesølvet, Arvesølvet Helt Klar, Høvding and Hellstrøm are among Det Norske Brenneri's most well-known craft products, today. In 2012, Brenneri released Audny, Norway's first single malt whiskey. Eiktyrne, the sequel, was released in November 2015 and debuted a new Norwegian gin that year, made with Norwegian berries and herbs. Harahorn, a small-batch Norwegian gin, is a true artisan gin.

Name - Lyng Norwegian Botanical Gin 

Producer - Det Norske Brenneri

Country - Norway

ABV - 45.9%

Judge’s tasting notes

“Lovely floral and earthy notes with bright citrus, sweet anise, and pine flavors. Great balance with refreshing characters and a peppery finish”.

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