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Unlocking Bar Sales: Exclusive Q&A Session with Top Bartenders

Photo for: Unlocking Bar Sales: Exclusive Q&A Session with Top Bartenders

12/04/2024 Learn directly from industry experts in a Q and A format about the challenges and opportunities distillers and spirits brands face today in Bars.

On April 17, Sid Patel, CEO of Bartender Spirits Awards and Beverage Trade Network will be moderating a live Q&A session with top Bartenders of USA. This is your chance to gain valuable insights on growing your sales in restaurants directly from industry experts.

Here's a sneak peek at some of the questions we'll be covering that distillers will be asking the Bartenders:

- What craft spirits could do differently to gain more placements in this very competitive market? What could they do that big companies can’t do?

- What can small and a growing brand do to stand out on first introductions?

- When do you realise there is a new trend in the market, what are the hints you look for and how you then decide to look for that product?

- What do you think is better approach - low cost and average bottle or little high cost and very good bottle. What influences you more in your buying decision and why?

- How do you deal with your boss when he/she asks you to sell certain brands because he signed an agreement but you don't like them? And any tips on how suppliers can handle this objection or simply accept that there is no way to sell you.

- Do you look at or consider spirit/wine awards or competitions when considering taking on new brands?

- What makes customers choose a more expensive spirit when they can get a different brand that's cheaper?

- What is your opinion about the contemporary gins (more flavoured) from all around the world instead of the "clasic" ones? And overall Gin category in 2024.

Join us for this informative session on April 17, 2024, from 11 am to 12 pm CST (Central Time). All domestic and international distillers are invited.


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