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Best Liqueurs To Serve At Thanksgiving Meal

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24/11/2020 Thanksgiving Dinner will look very different this year for most of us but you’ll still want the booze to go with the meal. Here are the best Liqueurs to serve at Thanksgiving meal.

Besides turkey and mashed potatoes, booze has to be one of the chief additions to the Thanksgiving dinner table. Finding special and delicious bottles that complement every plate and every palate at your holiday gathering can sound intimidating, but we like to see it as an opportunity to think outside of your normal go-to's. While any night is a good night to explore a new style of liqueur, Thanksgiving is an ideal opportunity to take a dive into unfamiliar terroir.


Thanksgiving Dinner will look very different this year for most of us but you’ll still want the booze to go with the meal. Here are the best Liqueurs to serve at Thanksgiving meal.

Bespoke Bourbon Cream

Bespoke Bourbon Cream by Black Button Distilling, United States is similar in concept to that of an Irish Cream but has a more complex flavor profile. The bourbon base creates that rich feel with sweet vanilla and a smooth caramel taste. Whiskey and cream naturally go so well together and this delicious spirit combines our hand-finished Bourbon and local farm-fresh New York State cream for a drink that delights. 

The drink possibilities with Bespoke Bourbon Cream are endless. You can stay classic with a Black Button Russian, or step outside of the box with a 585 or Maple Bacon Delight. Bespoke Bourbon Cream is a great starter to the day in a cup of coffee and a perfect nightcap in a root beer float for dessert. 

Bespoke Bourbon Cream: Bronze Medal Winner

Heimat New York White Peach

Heimat New York White Peach by Heimat New York LLC, United States is made from white peach because of how well the aroma and taste blend together. Few know that there are more than 300 varieties of peaches still grown in the US. With 17% ABV, the white peach creates a classic bellini but allows you to be as creative as you want to be with all kinds of spirits and cocktails.

You can try it with Prosecco, Cognac, or Tequila.

Heimat New York White Peach: Silver Medal Winner

Somrus Coffee Cream Liqueur

Somrus Coffee Cream Liqueur by The House of Somrus is a silky, creamy medley of rich roasted coffee notes & chicory, enhanced by real dairy cream, handcrafted rum, and complemented by the perfect touch of sweetness.

Somrus Coffee Cream Liqueur: Silver Medal Winner

Black Unicorn

Black Unicorn by Shelter Distilling is a 100% Pilsner malt fermented liqueur which is distilled to 90% ABV. It is matured on Black Velvet Coffee then proofed down using Black Velvet Coffee cold brew and sweetened with Demerara.

Black Unicorn: Silver Medal Winner

Honey Liqueur

Honey Liqueur by Perun Distillery, Serbia comes with 25% ABV. This liqueur is made using Perun’s Quince Brandy - which is aged for 2 years. Yellow gold is then added to Quince Brandy for almost half a year before it gets the combination of sweet & strong. It takes the distillery more than 2 years and 4 months to craft their Honey Liqueur. 

Perun Distillery crafts premium brandies, vodkas, gins & liqueurs by using the perfect ingredients and the perfect production process. The distillery employs high-quality modern technology that provides the beverages with the highest standards.

Honey Liqueur: Silver Medal Winner

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