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Perun Distillery Grabs Gold, Silver, and Bronze Medals

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14/08/2019 Perun Distillery Won Gold, Two Silvers & Bronze medals at the 2019 Bartenders Spirits Awards.

Serbia’s Perun Distillery went home with a Gold medal for its Perun Vodka at the 2019 Bartenders Spirits Awards that took place in San Francisco on May 19.

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It also bagged two Silver medals for Perun Liqueur and Perun Gin & a Bronze medal for Perun Fruit Spirits.

“The quality of our products, starts with the ingredients” - Perun Distillery strongly believes that the key to a fine beverage lies in the ingredients used. They grab the natural essence of the ingredients & there is no compromise when it comes to the distillery’s process of making premium products.

Perun Distillery crafts premium brandies, vodkas, gins & liqueurs by using the perfect ingredients and the perfect production process. The distillery employs high-quality modern technology that provides the beverages with the highest standards.

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Perun Vodka by Perun Distillery grabbed a Gold medal at the 2019 Bartenders Spirits Awards. 

Perun Vodka is a triple distilled, easy to sip or mix vodka that has a neutral aroma with hints of sweet. Crafted in a copper still, Perun Vodka comes with 40% ABV & gives you a delightfully smooth experience. Also, Perun Vodka is 100% Gluten Free.

Perun Distillery also seized two Silver medals for its Perun Honey Liqueur & Perun Gin

Perun Honey Liqueur - It takes the distillery more than 2 years and 4 months to craft their Honey Liqueur. This 25% ABV beverage is made using Perun’s Quince Brandy - which is aged for 2 years. Yellow gold is then added to Quince Brandy for almost half a year before it gets the combination of sweet & strong.

Perun Gin- Perun Gin is distilled London Dry Gin with 40% ABV. Perun Distillery hand-picks over 15 different sorts of herbs they need from the farmers market. Once the ingredients are gathered and chopped, they leave the herbs soaked in ethanol for the distillation. Perun Gin is made in a small batch and hance is a limited edition.

Perun Distillery also took away a Bronze medal for its Fruit Spirits which includes - Quince Brandy, Plum Brandy, Pear Brandy & Apricot Brandy. All of them with 40% ABV.

Quince Brandy- This golden eau de vie - “water of life” is accented beautifully by the oak. An aged spirit, Quince Brandy will stand up to heartier foods and cocktail ingredients. The fruit is not overpowering, and the finish is smooth due to it’s aging.

Plum Brandy - Plum brandy has intense dark fruit aromas of plum and stone. The palate has a hint of smoke with really well-integrated wood, and perfectly balanced sweetness with a long, warming plum finish.

Pear Brandy - Its crystal clear color demonstrates a smooth, well-balanced spirit. The nose has subtle qualities of pear fruit. Pear brandy is pleasing and easy to drink,  versatile to enjoy before or after dinner.

Apricot Brandy - Apricot brandy is fresh, pure and has intense apricot hints. The soft, balanced and long-lasting finish of Apricots and a hint of nuttiness from the pips.

The Bartenders Spirits Awards, organized by the Beverage Trade Network is the leading spirits competition in the USA that rates the spirits with the focus of the bar industry. To evaluate the entrants, the Bartenders Spirits Awards invites Bartenders, On-Premise Buyers and Bar Managers from around the world. These leading spirits experts judge the spirits with the aim to provide independent and honest reviews for brands targeting the US on-premise trade.

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