Bartender Spirits Awards

Bartender Spirits Awards
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Jenn Ward

Co-Bar Manager, Longport Fish Company and USBG San Francisco Bay Area Chapter President

History can be viewed through any lens, but spirits are my favorite. Alcohol is all of the human story and condition, distilled into a quaffable form. I want people to be able to drink history, create new history, and enjoy themselves while doing it.

I have done quite a bit with my life, taking the experiences of each new position and industry with me to the next. I’ve worked in retail, banking, law, construction, tech, and food/beverage. What ties them all together is the ability to connect with people, solve problems, and have a great time while doing so.

Jenn is currently Co-Bar Manager, Longport Fish Company and USBG San Francisco Bay Area Chapter President. Founded in 1948, the United States Bartenders’ Guild®️ is a non-profit professional society of bartenders and other hospitality professionals uniting the hospitality community to advance professional bartending. The USBG envisions every US bartender achieving greater personal and professional success by connecting to diverse local and national hospitality communities. Through its network of over 40 communities nationwide, the USBG connects members with peer-to-peer learning, expert instruction, community service projects, and skills-based competition.


Meet our Judges

Jared Givens

Director of Restaurants, Bars, and Events at The Thompson, Hyatt Hotels, Dallas

Chris Barna

Bar Manager at Proof, 2022 Top 50 US World Class 2023 Top 30 US World Class, Charleston