Bartender Spirits Awards

Bartender Spirits Awards
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Raj Shukla

Managing Partner at 3Leaves

Representing the Indian-American community, Raj Shukla has been a part of Fort Wayne, Indiana’s spirited cocktail scene for a long time now. Currently a Managing Partner at 3Leaves, Raj is also into Custom Furniture Making which he has taken up as a career with KDA Furniture And Interiors, LLC. A highlight in his bartending career was when he was hired by PGA Tour in 2022 as a Bartender! 

Meet our Judges

Jared Givens

Director of Restaurants, Bars, and Events at The Thompson, Hyatt Hotels, Dallas

Chris Barna

Bar Manager at Proof, 2022 Top 50 US World Class 2023 Top 30 US World Class, Charleston