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Flyers Cocktail Co.

United States

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Flyers was born from our thirst to relish life without compromise - inspired by wanderlust thrill seekers, for those who desire the best.

We’ve deconstructed some of the world’s most popular cocktails and reimagined them by substituting alcohol with 5mg hemp-derived THC or 20mg of CBD. Partnering with Ivy Mix, one of America’s most awarded mixologists, over 6 months and 45+ rounds of flavor interactions, we created Flyers Cocktails.

We offer modern-day drinkers a choice that’s healthier, still gives a sense of euphoria, eliminates hangovers and most importantly, has a sensorial cocktail journey. We’ve crafted Flyers to reimagine how today’s generation, as well as future generations socially enjoy themselves and imbibe.

Sip. Savor. And enjoy the present.