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Meet the Winners of 2023 Bartender Spirits Awards

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Interboro Spirits and Ales

United States

Interboro Spirits and Ales started with the idea of making both beer and spirits that would bring people together.  We opened our doors in September 2016 after two years of planning,  With Premiere IPA, Bushburg Pilsner, and batches of whiskey going into barrels, we kicked off this journey. Goodwin Hill Gin, Lexical Amaro, many canned cocktails, and plenty of rotating beers have followed, and we’ve been at it ever since! 


With Brooklyn's first craft brewery and distillery, our goal is to engage, inspire, and bring people together with our distinctive, flavor-forward beers and spirits. We want to show what can be done with three basic ingredients: grain, yeast, and water.

Whether in New York City’s best beer bars and restaurants or in our Tasting Room, our hope is we get people connecting, learning, and building the scene that pushes us to keep being creative.