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Mariel Drifter Productions, LLC.

United States

In 1956, Janet’s grandfather, Jose Manuel Diaz, affectionately known as “Manolo,” sells his first market called La Favorita, one of the most well-regarded and recognized establishments of its time in Artemisa, Cuba. With profits from the sale, he purchases three other businesses: a bakery and bread shop called La Reina (his wife’s nickname) and a market called Casa Manolo, primarily known for its fine liquors and liqueurs. Manolo hand-picked every spirit sold at Casa Manolo, as each had to meet his high-quality standards. He had begun to build a legacy for his family, but their success would be short-lived. New Year’s Eve, 1958, initiated unforgettable events orchestrated by a ruthless dictator who callously stole the aspirations and legacies of many Cuban families. By 1963, all of Jose Manuel’s businesses had been intervened and seized by the communist regime.